Making sense in a complex world

We are so often informed by what we read and see on the internet and in the media but it’s often a job to know what is real and what is ‘fake news’ when governments actively deceive people through fake social media accounts. The watchword is to verify and cross sources before commenting.

The danger is to seek only information that coincides with one’s own world view and to form opinions based on poor information rather than have no view at all. discusses politics, in particular brexit and trump in these tumultuous times.

The essence is to exchange with others, although there are some with whom our views will never coincide. My experience has taught me to be thankful for the welcoming arms of another country in time of need.

My writing focuses on politics, but there is so much that is newsworthy that affects us directly.

Political action should be supported when used to shape a more open, inclusive and prosperous world and rebuked when it is heinous, violent, racist and divisive.

Wordenvie is the desire to celebrate the living word.


However, in these tumultuous times, brexit is of central importance both for the UK and the world, since there is significant evidence that Trump influenced the brexit campaign through Steve Bannon, Nigel Farage, Aaron Banks and Boris Johnson.

But even more important is that the British people have been duped into thinking that the EU is not for their benefit or beneficial.

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