Monthly Archives: February 2014

Islam and Women’s Lib

With so many areas of society leaning towards free speech, there is one that remains notably limited: talking about Islam in public without offending. Recent events at Charlie Hebdo might lead one to conclude: with difficulty. The Taliban, not noted for their tolerance and open-mindedness may be relaxing their ban on girl’s schooling, but medieval… Read More »

The Privatisation Lie

Margaret Thatcher sold her arguments on privatisation to the British people in no uncertain terms. Some would argue that the privatised and resulting market-driven economy have resulted in the prosperity that the UK has enjoyed ever since. Others would point to individualistic attitudes of this approach which have had dire effects on society. Both are… Read More »

The cost of bio food production

“For the foreseeable future, organic food production can make vegetables so expensive that many of the poorer people in society will not be able to afford them so that their diet and health will suffer.” Which society are we talking about here, because poor people in Europe are very different from the poor people in… Read More »

Why don’t we recycle yoghurt pots?

Why do we not recycle yoghurt pots and how many do we use each day? I’m wondering whether I should go into politics, at least to become involved with the Green party to try and change and influence the world in a physical and actual way, although I’m wondering whether party politics is the most… Read More »

Chemicals or Naturals

This post continues a long-standing conversation that I’ve been having over many years. I’m hoping those concerned will read it, but in particular to continue that discussion. While I don’t expect to reach any conclusions immediately, I would like to make some headway, lay a few foundations and move on.