A call for centrist democratic politics

By | December 28, 2018

I don’t like the names of the current political parties in the UK:

Liberal implies that anything goes. It allows the right to claim the moral high ground on law and order, although the rule of law is an essential component of democracy and order an essential ingredient of civilised society.

Conservative sounds as if one should be prim and prudent. Conservative cannot be the home of artists.

Labour: don’t like labour because it identifies with workers and alienates the middle class, intellectuals and knowledge workers. Corbyn’s Labour is Trotskyite – sounds terrible.

Liberal democratic: should drop the ‘liberal’. Unfortunately, the LibDems are absent from UK politics.

The middle ground

We have not found how to occupy the centrist middle ground without being wishy-washy, jack of all trades master of none, trying to please everyone and not pleasing anyone.

The only one I like is ‘Democrat’ which sounds like it’s worth defending: democracy above all, the people’s vote.

Civil administrators

When the people can’t be trusted to vote sensibly, as in the EU referendum, we need professional politicians based on the French and European idea of career political architects. The Civil Service is more useful than the politicians themselves. Politicians seem to be in it for personal gain – winning a seat and taking power.

To what extent is politics about pleasing the electorate or doing what’s right? When a country is divided, politicians are free to navigate between left and right, doing what they want, only accountable once every general election.

We need a government of national unity, uniting left and right but with strong, clear environmental policy. A part which avoids the damaging swing politics of reversing policy every five years without installing dictators for life.

A party in the centrist ground, both economic and social, both for work and employment, defence and society, open to the world and yet patriotic. Financially astute but unafraid to invest internally, supporting free enterprise without selling the crown jewels, which knows how to run essential common services (health, education, defence and transport infrastructure).

A strong leader such as Churchill who is supported in the centre by the wings rather than being shot down by them.

Adult politics

We need a political environment which promotes political cooperation, not adversarial schoolboy debates full of cheering and jeering. And above all, we need to abolish the party whip system, allowing politicians to vote with their conscience, not obliged to tow the party line.

We need to end this notion of leader-knows-all. A policy may be proposed by the leader, but members must vote the position. We need to find the way to consensus without going all the way to communism which is too slow and unable to take executive decisions in times of need.

And above all, protect society from domination from despots, megalomaniacs, dictators, sickos, power mongers and crazies such as Orban, Putin and Trump.

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