Are we becoming a country of bigots?

I have spent a lot of time justifying staying in the European Union but I worry about the motivations for voting to leave the European Union. Are we becoming a country of bigots?

Is the recent harassment of politician Anna Soubry representative of the general attitude of British leavers?

Is the Leave Vote based on reducing immigration for economic reasons? What is the basis for not wanting to further political union? Is it a general rejection of foreign people?

The notion that foreigners take British jobs has taken hold I think. The idea that if we leave the European Union, there will be more jobs for British people. Even more so if we stop immigration and evidently send people back. Awful.

Can I prove that people from the European Union don’t take British jobs? The argument goes that more people in the country mean more jobs overall.

What is John Redwood talking about when he says that 700,000 jobs were created in the two years since the leave referendum. Contrary to Treasury estimates? Where is the truth?

The idea that if we leave the European Union, British trade will be negatively affected has clearly not convinced leave voters. There are still prominent leavers, such as John Redwood, Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Flogg who continue to spout confident bravado.

Again what is the basis in fact? The waters have been muddied by all sides but no more than by leavers.

And what if we have become a country of bigots, racists and xenophobes? Many leavers would protest, as would, of course, the remainers. But I think leavers, in general, have some work to do to state clearly why they voted to leave. And they should dissociate themselves from the racists.

People like Pat Condell complain bitterly about leavers being tarred with the racist Nazi brush. In response, in fairness, they do restate the commitment to leave. For instance, holding dear the idea of a free and fair society. But I don’t understand how this is incompatible with EU membership as there’s nothing unfair or unfree about the EU.

Credit to @paulbernaluk for the Mr Bigot image

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