Brexit is a shambles

Brexit is a shambles and parliament in deadlock. I gave up following Brexit in detail and gave up Twitter a few weeks ago, although I had been researching Europe and Brexit in some detail. I had planned some quite extensive content but something had to give whether work or blogging.

And all of my contact with Brexiteers was either acrimonious or seemingly pointless, unable to change any minds.

I concluded that those who have made up their minds are not for changing. It seems to me to be so evident that Europe is beneficial. Leavers clearly think that Europe is a megalomaniac federal superstate of unelected lunatics.

They have gobbed all of the stupid propaganda. So now any arguments about the advantage of open and free trade go on deaf ears, the idea that free trade will cost us more in administration, time and may risk just in time operations is just Project Fear to them. There is no talking sense.

Reasons to be in Europe
Reasons to be in Europe

All my arguments about standards and developing the single market, the open market likewise seem of no importance. I fear there are very few economists and supply chain specialists in the Brexit camp.

Added to this, Parliament has been a shambles recently unable to vote on anything sensible except excluding no deal. The latest is to force an extension to article 50 to avoid crashing out with no deal Brexit in April. At least.

There is no agreed withdrawal agreement, which is a good thing for remainers because otherwise, we would definitely be leaving. At least a delay is better than that. There is, of course, a risk of no deal.

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