yoghurt pots

Why don’t we recycle yoghurt pots?

February 26, 2014 wordenvie 0

Why do we not recycle yoghurt pots and how many do we use each day? I’m wondering whether I should go into politics, at least to become involved with the Green party to try and change and influence the world in a physical and actual way, although I’m wondering whether party politics is the most appropriate way to do that. It may or may not be more efficient and effective than writing blog articles.

clean mountain air

Chemicals or Naturals

February 26, 2014 wordenvie 0

This post continues a long-standing conversation that I’ve been having over many years. I’m hoping those concerned will read it, but in particular to continue that discussion. While I don’t expect to reach any conclusions immediately, I would like to make some headway, lay a few foundations and move on.


Woodburning Stoves

February 26, 2012 wordenvie 0

Woodburning is the oldest heating method, but after inventing hugely sophisticated systems over the last hundred years, we now find ourselves going back to basics and seeing that the simplest is the best. I’m building a house, and in it, I’m going to be installing a woodburning stove. I’ve been wondering whether that’s the best heating system possible, both from an economic and ecological point of view.