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Holocaust exhibition at the Imperial War Museum

We visited the Imperial War Museum this week and in particular the Holocaust memorial exhibition. I was exhausted and speechless afterwards. I found it even harder hitting than Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. There seems to be even more material, quotes, philosophy of the Nazi state, about the ghettos, the final solution and the officers involved.… Read More »

Brexit is a shambles

Brexit is in a shambles and parliament in deadlock. I gave up following Brexit in detail and gave up Twitter a few weeks ago, although I had been researching Europe and Brexit in some detail. I had planned some quite extensive content but something had to give whether work or blogging.

The importance of standards in Europe

Standards are important because they level the European single market and enable individual companies to sell to 27 countries. Governments develop standards First of all, governments agree on fundamental standards and by doing so they set the playing field for companies to trade. Then businesses come in and develop their products based on these.

The definitive text on brexit

I want to write the definitive text on Brexit that would convince the other half of the electorate why we should be in the EU. The one great banger that would resolve everything, convince everyone, reverse this awful decision and take us back to the productive era before we were spending our time and energy… Read More »

A call for centrist democratic politics

I don’t like the names of the current political parties in the UK: Liberal implies that anything goes. It allows the right to claim the moral high ground on law and order, although the rule of law is an essential component of democracy and order an essential ingredient of civilised society.

Proportional representation

Proportional Representation (PR) is more democratic than the first-past-the-post system. Let’s say three candidates are standing in your area, Liberal, Conservative and Labour. Only one candidate can win. However, if 30% of the population vote for the Liberal candidate, that 30% will be effectively unrepresented.

Positive immigration or the road to Fascism?

It seems that far too many have been tempted to fall into the easy reaction that it’s all the fault of foreigners. Proud of their country, feeling a strong association with it, whether British or French, so-called model citizens bolster their own inadequacy and insecurity by associating themselves with other citizens under the banner of… Read More »