How do or did modern Jews come to terms with the brutal nature of the nazi period?

November 6, 2017 wordenvie 0

Jews were hunted, tracked, denounced and murdered. I believe that leaves, has left, scars across the generations that remain unhealed where individuals still ask themselves “what did I do to deserve that”? The answer is “nothing” but somehow when the question is asked publicly there is still some kind of undercurrent, as if people knowingly understand that there is some underlying reason, the Jews killed Christ, they are money-grabbing, drank baby blood, plotted to rule the world or just that they must have done something to merit punishment. When will this ever be cleared up and how? I feel that […]

Immigration policy contributing to European security

January 8, 2017 wordenvie 1

Peace in Africa might be seen as a solution to racism in Europe – the argument goes that racism is a reaction to, but not created by, immigration. And yet immigration comes from African and Middle Eastern countries in difficulty. It follows then that racists are heartless people who care not to help their fellow humans. But solving problems in Africa to reduce emigration to Europe implies that our involvement in Africa is tainted not so much by humanitarian motives as selfish social ideals about protecting our own society. This might even argue for the National Front unless we can differentiate between […]

Only the State can run social services

December 31, 2016 wordenvie 0

​What distinguishes left and right and what is the balance between them. Why are political issues are so divisive? I am drawn to the left because I believe that certain services and projects such as education, health, infrastructure and defense can only be achieved by government. The right argues that these services can be achieved by private enterprise. I question therefore what is the point of the state if not to organise collective social projects. And if the state does not organise collective projects then the state shrinks to nothing and there is ultimately no country and no society. We […]

Society evolves with or without immigration

December 31, 2016 wordenvie 0

​Despite having written on the economic benefits of immigration and the mixity of cultures, I wonder what is the impact of countries taking in so many people, the changing demographics if immigrants do not speak the national language and the change in balance of local culture. The far right might gain ground on these issues but the left must address them too. Nobody on the left dares pronounce against immigration; socialism focuses on integration. And rightly so. But would anyone choose positive immigration? Some say that we need foreign workers to bolster the workforce. Would it not be better to […]

For the liberation of women in Islam

December 8, 2016 wordenvie 0

How can I speak out against Islam when I am not a Muslim? Its so terribly politically incorrect and possibly offensive and for that I apologize. But I support women’s rights and I want freedom for women. I am against the burqa and Sharia because I feel that it represses women. I have “many stories” about women being repressed by Muslim men and I don’t like it. See gang rapes in .. where was it? Is that a result of Islam? See acid attacks on women because they had shame on their hands when raped by men. I would like […]

How the EU can come together

December 1, 2016 wordenvie 0

Does anyone remember the war and how nationalism drove us apart – the EU is a solution for peace. It’s a great shame  that Britain will no longer be part of that equation as they were a peacekeeper. The model of Anglo-Saxons (US and UK) in partnership with the latin, Germanic and eastern EU made for stability. Without Britain in there and with the US turning towards Putin, the EU seems isolated, especially with Turkey rattling its sabres on the wrong side of justice. The EU then has taken as serious shock since Brexit and needs to come together under […]

Trump and Brexit both unwanted and unexpected

November 29, 2016 wordenvie 0

So Trump was elected and the UK is leaving the EU, both events unexpected and unwanted. If only Obama could have stood again. Whatever happened in the UK is surely a travesty of democracy, but also a travesty of what politicians can say to convince the electorate. The debate on brexit really got too complicated with facts and counter-facts abounding such that no-one knew what was real any more. In the end it was probably just about how people felt that swayed their vote. I for one certainly felt that it was better to be in the club than out. Now […]

Immigration: economic benefit, cultural and social reasoning

June 12, 2016 wordenvie 0

The leave campaign seems to be focusing on immigration as an argument for not being in the EU. I guess that if Britain leaves the EU that it could effectively close its borders to migrants from anywhere, EU or otherwise and that sounds on the surface quite a seductive idea – British jobs for British people. A closed system for a closed country. Its not so much finding justification for immigration but to say that it’s not the burden on the state that its made out to be. Immigrants are said to be a drain on resources, in particular on the NHS, but that […]

Arguments for the UK staying in the EU

March 3, 2016 wordenvie 0

The brexit campaign holds up the question of there being too much European legislation but they seem to forget the objective of legislation to establish and maintain norms in order to enable the free trade on which everybody depends. Not all legislation is good and perhaps there too much of it – however this is not a reason to be outside of the game, it is a reason to be inside and influencing. Exporting into the EU would require Britain to apply and adhere to EU norms – so why would we want to give up our role in shaping […]