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The cost of bio food production

“For the foreseeable future, organic food production can make vegetables so expensive that many of the poorer people in society will not be able to afford them so that their diet and health will suffer.” Which society are we talking about here, because poor people in Europe are very different from the poor people in… Read More »

Political correctness or childish politeness?

Why do we oblige children to say please and thank you? Are we not asking them to be submissive while calling it politeness. Is this what we want our kids to be? Just as in education, and aren’t we just preparing them for a life of submission to bosses, the law, tax authorities and society… Read More »

Chemicals or Naturals

This post continues a long-standing conversation that I’ve been having over many years. I’m hoping those concerned will read it, but in particular to continue that discussion. While I don’t expect to reach any conclusions immediately, I would like to make some headway, lay a few foundations and move on.

Pro Israël and Pro Hessel

For those who may have followed the publication of Stephen Hessel’s pamphlet ‘Indignez-vous’ which calls in some ways for a mini-revolution against social injustices, some clarification may be necessary on the subject of Israeli politics.

Woodburning Stoves

Woodburning is the oldest heating method, but after inventing hugely sophisticated systems over the last hundred years, we now find ourselves going back to basics and seeing that the simplest is the best. I’m building a house, and in it, I’m going to be installing a woodburning stove. I’ve been wondering whether that’s the best… Read More »