How do or did modern Jews come to terms with the brutal nature of the nazi period?

By | November 6, 2017

Jews were hunted, tracked, denounced and murdered. I believe that leaves, has left, scars across the generations that remain unhealed where individuals still ask themselves “what did I do to deserve that”?

The answer is “nothing” but somehow when the question is asked publicly there is still some kind of undercurrent, as if people knowingly understand that there is some underlying reason, the Jews killed Christ, they are money-grabbing, drank baby blood, plotted to rule the world or just that they must have done something to merit punishment.

When will this ever be cleared up and how? I feel that an apology is due, for the Holocaust, the inquisition and all the other pain that the Jews have suffered.

The church should absolve the Jews of any responsibility. If they do not it is to leave doubt in the minds of the world.

And it is about time that the problems in Israel were resolved. It would be nice if the Muslim nations could make peace with Israel and that both resolve the Palestinian claims since the conflict perpetuates bad feeling in the diaspora.

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