How do or did modern Jews come to terms with past persecution?

The persecution of Jews over the ages has left emotional scars with individuals who have done nothing wrong. How can individuals deal with that?

Jews were hunted, tracked, denounced and murdered. That persecution leaves and has left, scars across the generations that remain unhealed. Individuals still ask themselves, ‘what did I do to deserve that’?

The answer is ‘nothing’ but somehow when the question is asked publicly there is still a voice which reminds people of the old prejudices. The old myths that Jews killed Christ, are money-grabbing, drank baby blood, plotted to rule the world and thus merit punishment still abound.

When will this be cleared up and how?

The Pope has absolved Jews of the responsibility for killing Jesus. Germany has apologised for the Holocaust, the inquisition and all the other pain that the Jews have suffered. But there needs to be a deeper understanding and acceptance that Jews are innocent of such crimes.

The church should absolve the Jews of any responsibility. If they don’t, it leaves doubt in the minds of the world.

Confusion between Jews and Israel

It’s about time that Israel and its neighbours resolved their differences. It would be good if the Muslim nations could make peace with Israel and that both resolve the Palestinian claims since the conflict perpetuates bad feeling in the diaspora.

But these questions have little to do with the historical accusations against Jews. The behaviour of Israel, however, does little to curry favour for Jews the world over.

Persecution of Jews

This question is available for discussion here on Quora. For more information on the persecution of Jews during the holocaust, visit the Imperial War Museum Holocaust exhibition.

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