Only the State can run social services

What distinguishes left and right, and what is the balance between them? Why are political issues so divisive?

The left believes in the socialist value that governments are the guarantors of education, health and infrastructure.

The right argues that private enterprise is best placed to achieve these services. But what are the safeguards to ensure equality and access? What is the point of the state if not to organise collective social projects? Otherwise, the state then shrinks to nothing. The State is ultimately the barometer for country and society.

Protecting the NHS

We may institute competition in health, but it should only be to drive down cost not quality. Such change is justified only if it makes organisations waste less, but not if it makes them cut corners and lower standards. The standards should be the highest, and we should be prepared to pay for them. The state is the guarantor of fairness and equality.

The State Is the Glue

Society needs glue to hold it together. A set of values, common beliefs, upheld by justice and law. This is the basis for civilisation and for civilization as we know it. Otherwise, we would return to the survival of the strongest, fittest, meanest and the most violent, as in the Middle Ages. We have come a long way since, having understood that equal human rights oppose anarchy.

Social Opportunities

The core values of Socialism are these notions of equality and equal opportunity, even if not all people can achieve the same heights. Not all people have the same capacity to achieve, but society underwrites the protection of the weakest to do their best and so contribute to the whole.

If Socialism is the support of the weak, it shouldn’t be confused with the centrally planned communist economies which put aside freedom. And punish dissension. This is not a caring society.

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