Positive immigration or the road to Fascism?

By | August 30, 2018

It seems that far too many have been tempted to fall into the easy reaction that it’s all the fault of foreigners. Proud of their country, feeling a strong association with it, whether British or French, so-called model citizens bolster their own inadequacy and insecurity by associating themselves with other citizens under the banner of upholding the values of their country.

By extension and by belief, others are excluded. First, those with brown skin, obviously identifiable, are thought not to hold the same values. Some look around and determine that Arabs are terrorists and indeed anyone who is Muslim. These feelings and attitudes of us against them and “we are obviously in the right, its the fault of the foreigners” are just too easy.

Without even taking into consideration war, refugees and general misery in the world, they see the world very simply: you are identifiable, we are righteous, the jobs are for us and your presence is a threat to our livelihood, “our way of life” etc. etc. etc.

Let’s just think about this for a moment, and wonder how many times a mosque in London has changed your life. Errrrrr? Not once. Why, because they are buildings innocuous as churches, synagogues and any other collection of bricks and mortar.

The only place where we have really been affected by “religion” is by so-called “Islamic” terrorists (IS / Daesh) although they are not the only ones – there are enough, Syrian, Iraqi, Saudi, Yemeni, Iranian ‘terrorists’ causing havoc all over and turning their erstwhile ‘white’ European allies against an otherwise integrated Islamic diaspora.

Point again to what it means to be integrated. The main criteria is the respect of the rule of law, and yet there are sufficient white Europeans transgressing the law to get around. About jobs, we know that the more people there are the more jobs are created, the more customers there are. So while the law of the land is not Islamic, we cannot talk about Islamisation with any credibility.

If the majority of people were Muslim and suddenly voted for the official religion to be Islam and an obligation to say prayers five times a day, many would revolt, just as they might if forced to starve for a whole day once a year (Yom Kippur). No one is obliged to go to church on Christmas or give up butter in spring and no-one should.

Unfortunately, there are police state countries in this world which impose these kinds of rules. It’s very sad and very unfortunate that some feel the need to impose religion. But is that sufficient to understand the Fascist lot who want everyone out, to keep Europe Christian, white and clean? Obviously not.

And what of modern Europe? Can we talk of positive immigration, not just to give immigrants the cheap jobs that no one else wants, but actually because we want them here, sympathise with their plight, or because we are open to learning about their culture, because we respect them and we have no issue with their freedom as long as it’s reasonable, peaceful etc etc.

So where do we go from here? Are we set for civil war in Europe leading once again to racism, purges and all those horrible things that happened in the 30s? Or is it just an adjustment? Once the war in Syria over and 6 million people go back to the rubble, we limit immigration so that the population does not explode (we can’t import the whole of Africa), will Fascism go away or will the Fascists feel buoyed by rising “populist” support and we’re back to Brown Shirts, SS and concentration camps?

We need to be clear about all of these issues, not just the right to asylum but our desire to architect society.

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