Intensive farming methods have been made possible by mechanization, the Industrial Revolution and consumption of fossil fuels. Indeed, the economics of strategic reserves contributed to and were crucial battles during the First World War. What will happen when we come to the end of oil reserves? Are our coal reserves depleted or do we not use them because they pollute? What would happen if we invented a clean method of burning coal?

What would happen to the industrialised pharmaceutical nations like America? Some believe that man is so inventive that he will be able to invent new sources of energy sufficient for our needs. But will the new methods be enough to sustain the way of life to which we have become accustomed? If not, our way of life will be forced to evolve in step with the reduced energy available. But we may then consume all the energy needed for our survival.

Or should we believe the hype that the more we are on the planet, the more it is a sign of our success? But is that not just another example of quantity rather than quality, in pursuit of growth?