I couldn't find a site today called Moindre Impacte. A French-speaking site which to me was quite inspirational some three or four years ago. Talked about not producing equals not polluting. I suppose it's become good trendy jargon since, I don't know but I just wanted to focus on the idea for a minute. The idea, this came back in a conversation yesterday in which I said that I go to the dump regularly. The reply was "good".

That's what reminded me of Moindre Impact, who said it's one thing to improve recycling, and there's a lot of improvement to do, the best way of not polluting is not to produce and thus not need to recycle.

If we don't produce we don't need to recycle. This does not mean don't produce. It just means that at least if you do produce think about how you're going to dispose of it first. Good project management makes us think of the end first. So if you're producing something, think of the end of life first.

So it's not good that I go to the dump, it's just good that I don't dump my rubbish in the forest, and I probably paraphrased Moindre Impact anyway who were probably more radical and said it's bloody obvious. They, I suspect, like many others are prepared to get out of the system altogether.

But we at least in our societal reverie can at least stop producing rubbish and stop buying rubbish. In that way we can achieve the other objective of having more disposable income !