It appears that a Swedish town of 80,000 people, Kristianstad, has been able to eliminate almost completely their use of fossil oil and gas fuels. Their method: by burning the methane emanating from decomposing rubbish. Despite the undoubted production of CO2 from burning the methane they produce, overall their production of greenhouse gases has reduced over time, and of course their dependency on limited fuel sources. Could this be the future of energy production for the future? Is it a viable method for even large cities?

The question remains open for the moment, and renewable energy sources are numerous with wind, wave, nuclear, hydro, solar and bio fuel methods all really still under evaluation and debate.

Many ecologists of course go much further in questioning the nature of consumption by saying that the most ecological products are those that are never created and nothing but critical of our modern distribution systems which have only increased our waste and consumption of food and packaging materials.