Positive immigration or the road to Fascism?

It seems that far too many have been tempted to fall into the easy reaction that it’s all the fault of foreigners. Proud of their country, feeling a strong association with it, whether British or French, so-called model citizens bolster their own inadequacy and insecurity by associating themselves with other citizens under the banner of… Read More »

Only the State can run social services

​What distinguishes left and right and what is the balance between them. Why are political issues are so divisive? I am drawn to the left because I believe that certain services and projects such as education, health, infrastructure and defense can only be achieved by government.

Society evolves with or without immigration

​Despite having written on the economic benefits of immigration and the mixing of cultures, I wonder what is the impact of countries taking in so many people. What demographics change if immigrants do not speak the national language and what is the change in the balance of local culture.

For the liberation of women in Islam

How can I speak out against Islam when I am not a Muslim? It is politically incorrect and possibly offensive and for that, I apologize. But I support women’s rights and I want freedom for women. I am against the burqa and Sharia because I feel that it represses women.

How the EU can come together

Does anyone remember the war and how nationalism drove us apart? The EU is a solution for peace. It’s a great shame that Britain will no longer be part of that equation as they were a peacekeeper. The model of Anglo-Saxons (US and UK) in partnership with the Latin, Germanic and eastern EU made for… Read More »