Woman in a barred burkha

For the liberation of women in Islam

December 8, 2016 wordenvie 0

How can I speak out against Islam when I am not a Muslim? Its so terribly politically incorrect and possibly offensive and for that I apologize. But I support women’s rights and I want freedom for women. I am against the burqa and Sharia because I feel that it represses women.

european flag

How the EU can come together

December 1, 2016 wordenvie 0

Does anyone remember the war and how nationalism drove us apart – the EU is a solution for peace. It’s a great shame  that Britain will no longer be part of that equation as they were a peacekeeper.


Trump and Brexit both unwanted and unexpected

November 29, 2016 wordenvie 0

So Trump was elected and the UK is leaving the EU, both events unexpected and unwanted. If only Obama could have stood again. Whatever happened in the UK is surely a travesty of democracy, but also a travesty of what politicians can say to convince the electorate.

The European Nations

Immigration: economic benefit, cultural and social reasoning

June 12, 2016 wordenvie 0

The leave campaign seems to be focusing on immigration as an argument for not being in the EU. I guess that if Britain leaves the EU that it could effectively close its borders to migrants from anywhere, EU or otherwise and that sounds on the surface quite a seductive idea – British jobs for British people. A closed system for a closed country.

open britain

Arguments for the UK staying in the EU

March 3, 2016 wordenvie 0

The brexit campaign holds up the question of there being too much European legislation but they seem to forget the objective of legislation to establish and maintain norms in order to enable the free trade on which everybody depends.

Open Britain

On Britain considering leaving Europe

February 27, 2016 wordenvie 0

As a Briton living in France, this issue strikes me as being vital for my future. I am a direct result of the European Union because I am one of those people who has benefited from European mobility having studied in France and now living and working here for nearly 20 years.

women's liberation

Islam and Women’s Lib

February 28, 2014 wordenvie 0

With so many areas of society leaning towards free speech, there is one that remains notably limited: talking about Islam in public without offending. Recent events at Charlie Hebdo might lead one to conclude: with difficulty. The Taliban, not noted for their tolerance and open-mindedness may be relaxing their ban on girl’s schooling, but medieval laws are being adopted by self-declared caliphates, supported by armed groups and by free thinking people. In a free world, any view criticising religion is not automatically racism; it should be possible to comment from a purely social standpoint. For instance; how can it be […]

Margaret Thatcher

The Privatisation Lie

February 26, 2014 wordenvie 0

Margaret Thatcher sold her arguments on privatisation to the British people in no uncertain terms. Some would argue that the privatised and resulting market-driven economy have resulted in the prosperity that the UK has enjoyed ever since. Others would point to individualistic attitudes of this approach which have had dire effects on society. Both are probably true.However national assets were sold to the people. But the people were the mugs because they bought what they already owned.


The cost of bio food production

February 26, 2014 wordenvie 0

“For the foreseeable future, organic food production can make vegetables so expensive that many of the poorer people in society will not be able to afford them so that their diet and health will suffer.” Which society are we talking about here, because poor people in Europe are very different from the poor people in Africa? The health of Africans is already suffering today and not through lack of chemicals, but lack of management.

Childish politeness

Political correctness or childish politeness?

February 26, 2014 wordenvie 0

Why do we oblige children to say please and thank you? Is it not that we are asking them to be submissive and we call it being polite. Is this what we want our kids to be? And aren’t we just preparing them for a life of submission to bosses, the law, tax authorities and society in general?