Sneak away Trump

I am delighted, more than delighted that Trump lost the presidential election and is sneaking away, I hope feeling bad. I can’t wait to see the back of him. 

But why such opposition to Trump? I am even prepared to recognise (some of) the good things he has done. I can even sympathise with the principles and notions; at least I understand them.


Trump tried to give Americans a warm and fuzzy feeling that they’re in the club, special and others are out. Need I remind anybody that this is how racism and ultimately Nazism started. He got a huge following of people who are concerned about their futures. They may well have lost their jobs, perhaps to delocalisation: cars are now made in Japan rather than Detroit.

The UK was confronted with a similar problem (in the ’80s) when coal and steel folded and car manufacturing went abroad. And one can understand their feelings. But what to do? Turn on Japan? Or reinvent? Innovate. I’m not all for this. We should be protectionist to some degree; indeed we could be fully protectionist, but Nissan is just better than us at producing cars, China is better at producing just about everything. The ‘culprit’ if you want one, is the multinationals who delocalise at the drop of a hat and can in effect blackmail governments to stay or go. 

But Trump the solution?

Someone who insults the international community? Who is clearly uneducated in some way, a poor speaker, boring, who repeats himself. Intellectual values, perhaps. But let’s get down to it. 

He started with a ban on immigration from Muslim countries. Ostensibly for security reasons, but it was his first act of setting people against one another. Divide and rule. Set people against each other: they will fight one another so you don’t have to. Then Mexico and the wall. What’s the point? Does the US have a problem with Mexican coming over the border and ‘taking American jobs’? The arguments for immigration in the UK stand for the US. They steal nothing. They do the shitty jobs and alleviate the strain on others. And when in the country, they consume just like everyone else. Except illegals don’t pay tax.

Legal or illegal immigration

Legalise immigration and get tax. Limit immigration perhaps, but help the Mexican government find mutual solutions. That’s the solution. Not a wall. It’s about your approach. 

The Democrats winning

I feel rather piqued. Trump complained about losing, just as those in the UK cried when they lost the Brexit referendum… Trump is whining about losing, just as Remainers cried about losing the EU ref. We cried because we felt that the election was won based on lies. And Trump is claiming that Democrats won unjustly. Not even that, he is just baulking at the count process, without evidence. The US electoral commission has now approved Biden’s election. Trump was just trying to set camps against each other, crying injustice, getting his people out on the street. For what? To mount a coup? Take the white house by force. Democrats won because Trump is an embarrassment. He is uncouth, uneducated, stupid, unlikeable.

Ecology and climate change

Look the way he treated Greta, barely talked to her at the climate change conference. It’s not about one person, it’s that she is symbolic and deserves respect. But Trump is symbolic of climate change denial. How can he deny climate change? The facts are there before our eyes, but he, unsubstantiated, claims it’s a lie, despite actual measurements of global warming. But for him it is the inconvenient truth, because it means going against the iron and steel industries, the producers of weapons and who are aligned with the gun lobby. (Rednecks use guns but also work in the factories.) Trump has not worked out, unlike Biden, that Green technologies not only save the planet but also generate investment in technology, advancement and save the planet. They are exportable and potentially lucrative. So that’s climate change denial.

The hurricanes on the East Coast. He went down there only late. Because he doesn’t want to engage on the idea that violent weather is because of climate change. He denies the science. How can a president do that? 

Middle East

Good things Trump has done. In the Middle East, he seems to have brokered improved relations for Israel, which I approve of. It is marginal (UAE and Bahrain) but promises hope that Saudi will join the coalition. It helps that Trump is anti-Iran. And what to do about Iran? Perhaps Obama’s softly-softly approach will not work with such an apparently war mongering state (See ISIS, Yemen, Syria and Israel). So they need to be stopped because of the threat they pose. But Israel has some problems to resolve at home. 


So the slogan itself is like a snub to the rest of the world. It could have been different. Make America Great Again, but somehow at your expense. Is he just being realistic? Or is it a game to he who loves competition? He provoked China, slapped 25% on them and then said let’s negotiate. ‘Negotiate’ So he has balls. And perhaps anything else now will seem wishy-washy, weak. Perhaps the old ways of diplomacy are dead. Negotiation, finding the middle way, the common ground, the win-win solution is pointless, weak, old? Tell that to France, champions of diplomacy worldwide. Are we to wage war on each other constantly? See Belarus. The problem is the arms industry. In the US but also France and the UK, big producers of arms. But what hypocrisy if the governments of those countries also provoke war, opposition, animosity, conflict. The advanced nations have a duty to broker peace, using their strength to threaten would-be dictators. See Africa, Eastern Europe. 

Trump and the EU

Thorny ground. Trump contributed to the Brexit debate but in the most pernicious way. Go on about Trump being in league with Putin to destabilise western democracy, pull the UK out of the EU. And then the wolf can get the poor lone sheep. Much easier to negotiate with, put pressure on 60M people (UK) instead of 500M. You have them over a barrel. So I’m cynical about Trump supporting Brexit. Then offering a deal, but at the 11th hour he was threatening the UK with 25% if they didn’t accept the deal. The UK public didn’t want him to visit the UK because he was threatening to buy the NHS. Private insurance for everyone. Just try that in France Our fuckhead prime minister would have given it to him, if we hadn’t made our views clear. Then he, Johnson, took it off the table.

See Steve Bannon, racist, fascist who brought together, promoted and met with the leaders of all the European far-right parties. Trump’s ex-campaign manager, whom Trump sacked because too extreme. But employed him nonetheless. You would think Trump knew he was quite hard right. Links to KKK, white supremacists. 

White supremacists

In the height of the Charlottesville riots, Trump refused to condemn the far-right rioters saying that some of them are very nice. Pandering to his electorate. Not a just president with the interests of all Americans at heart. Other links proving his sympathies to far right. Links to KKK. For fuck’s sake, this man will tarnish Israel with this racist label and Israel is already far right.

Bible belters

I know Biden is religious, but he is not zealous like the Bible Belters that Trump tries to appeal to, speaking in tongues. But I don’t trust Trump to be doing anything sincerely. It’s all for the ratings, for the votes. He might be Christian, but he sees money in votes. He used his own hotels for government functions. He refused to publish his taxes for fear that (as finally came out) people would see that he is not patriotic. He only paid $750 in tax in 10 years. See the New York Times story. Trump had to be ‘forced’ to leave aside his business interests as president. So he signed them over to his family. Citation, links. Gerald Kushner is a board member of something and special adviser.

Trump and Putin

Trump has a Russian wife. Buddies with Putin? He went over there in the height of the war in Syria. Why we do not know. But Putin’s behaviour in Syria is interesting, cunning. He sided with Assad to counter ISIS and stabilise. Although also putting down ‘the rebels’. He knew that ISIS would fight with the rebels and take over. But Putin also thus supported Assad’s dictatorship. No surprise coming from a domestic almost dictator. See Putin’s record on staying in power.

And Trump would claim a hand in defeating ISIS. I think that’s fair. He did a deal with the Saudis, who put pressure on their neighbours Qatar to stop funding ISIS. And Putin moved in from Syria, with the backup of an American coalition.

Covid management

Masks, social distancing and stupid theories about a Chinese virus. The lockdown is a necessary hardship or people will die faster.

Financial help from govt for zero-hour contract workers. Why, isn’t govt aid helping? Who is left behind?


China needs to improve its food standards. But the very idea that it’s all been done on purpose? The risk is too great and China also suffered. In fact, it is still suffering probably because its customers are in an economic downturn. 

A conspiracy to beat Trump

Why should it be a conspiracy? What is the difference between conspiracy and concerted opposition? The nuance that somehow it’s evil. 

Nasty personality

Although a successful businessman, he is basically a glorified TV host. He is cheap, aggressive, boorish has no sense of polite intercourse.

As says Time Magazine: Time to go

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