Trump and Brexit both unwanted and unexpected

Who in Europe really thought that Trump could win the US election? Now the US is as divided as the UK over brexit. We should avoid further division.

So Trump was elected and the UK is leaving the EU, both events unexpected and unwanted. If only Obama could have stood again. Whatever happened in the UK is surely a travesty of democracy, but also a travesty of what politicians can say to convince the electorate.

The debate on brexit really got too complicated with facts and counter-facts abounding such that no-one knew what was real any more. In the end it was probably just about how people felt that swayed their vote.

I for one certainly felt that it was better to be in the club than out. Now we are out and left with the consequences. Those who convinced the public are still at large.

UK and US divided

Many a word has been penned about Trump’s campaign and his politics. Surprise for so many that he won and revealed an America as divided as the UK.

And so the world order has changed leaving uncertainty. Trump is upsetting the equilibrium and not well-liked abroad, inward-looking, a white man in his club, and not a diplomat.

And now that the US tries to come to terms with its new leader, the bear-fighting, sabre-rattling Putin is taking full advantage of the eye taken off the ball. Cyber attacks, weapons testing in Syria, moving arms to the border with Europe and flagrantly annexing neighbouring territories.

Power Corrupts

What a shame that Russia does not have a peace-loving leader. But Putin is not alone. Many a leader in Africa is corrupted by power. The new crusades for and against Islam – so many use religion to make war once again.

And what can we do, as citizens, except become more jaded than before about the honesty and integrity of our political leaders and all political systems? Where there is corruption, greed and dishonesty all will lose out.

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